Heat Pumps 4 U

Bringing you FREE* Boiler Replacements

Heat pumps at £0 to you 
Our Unique and Innovative Heat Pumps are a direct replacement for your existing boiler. 

So long as your property meets our requirements ** then the heat pump will cost you nothing to have installed.

Our heat pumps, have been specifically designed for the UK climate and working at up to 65C, they have been designed to work with your existing radiators, so it’s a simple case of swapping out your boiler and hot water cylinder and no disruption of replacing your radiators 😊

Currently we are in the process of scaling up, so are only taking enquiries at the moment.

** The Small Print
Your property must:
1) Have an EPC less than 8 years old
2)  3-4 bedroom semi-detached
Z) No loft or cavity wall insulation issues or needs, full double glazing throughout
4) Single heating circuit/zone throughout property
5) Existing combi boiler within boiler cupboard (which will be repurposed)
6) Flat roofed garage (for the purposes of installing heat pump)